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In 2016, Segmetiq Technologies was founded by Kishor K with a clear vision – to revolutionize digital transformations by combining creative storytelling and cutting-edge digital technologies. As India’s top digital marketing company, we take pride in our strategic-thinking team of experts who are dedicated to empowering brands and facilitating business growth through the effective utilization of digital media.

Our success stems from our passion for the work we do, which has positioned us as a leading digital marketing agency in India, serving clients both domestically and internationally. With a focus on innovation and creativity, our diverse range of digital marketing services is tailored to drive optimal business growth for you.

At Segmetiq Technologies, every decision we make, every campaign we curate, and every customer experience we shape is rooted in thorough research and insights. This commitment allows us to deliver exceptional results for your brand and create long-term business value.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being a robust, value-driven organization that unwaveringly adheres to its core principles. Our values epitomize what you can anticipate from Team Segmetiq during our collaboration.


about the work and the results we deliver for our clients


with an approach that can embrace change


to achieve results, and persistently improve standards


to clients, our team and the business

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